Science 8

Cells and Systems - January / February

Notes Booklet - Cells and Systems

PowerPoint Slides - Cells and Systems

Organism Research Project - Due Jan 15th

Microscope Labeling - January 15th

Microscope Crystal Lab - January 20th 

Microscope Quiz - January 22nd 

Colour Coded Cell Diagrams - January 23rd 

Topic 1/2 Test Goes Thursday, January 6th.  Study Materials listed below.

Completed Notes Booklet - Cells and Systems Topics 1 & 2

Study Guide - Cells and Systems Topic 1/2 Test

Kahoot Review


Topic 3 - Body Systems Play-Doh Project.  Due February 13th 

Body System Diagrams - See Dates Below.  A short quiz will follow each body system based on diagrams and notes.

Digestive System - February 24th 

Respiratory System - February 28th

Circulatory System - March 10th

Excretory System - March 11th